I usually describe myself as a retired treehugger and a disaffected leftist . It might be more accurate these days to call me an armchair activist and a grump. As a rule, I don’t like anyone or anything.

I’m kind of a materialist, meaning that you can tell me about the struggle of ideas all day long and I’ll still be seeing a conflict over resources or power. I’m happy for you if you have a theory that explains everything, but I probably don’t buy it. I especially don’t trust easy answers.

We’ve got a lot of tough decisions to make in the next few years, and our current system of government doesn’t seem up to the task. One of the official parties has been captured by hateful little cave dwellers, while the other just muddles along in its usual befuddlement. And in the space outside the two party system, I don’t see anyone who’s got a serious plan.

When I started on the path of the political junkie, I suppose I had some notions of progress and things changing for the better, hard as that may be to remember. Now it’s more of a morbid fascination. If you came here looking for hope and change, you’re in the wrong place, buddy. I’ve got doom and gloom, doubt and despair, strife and discord. I’ve got the dubious choice of more of the same or even worse.

Not to say I’m entirely without hope, however. We may yet survive to build wonders in the ruins.