I don’t want to have a comment policy, but what with the interwebs being full of trolls and creeps, here you go.

1. Don’t be a dick.

2. Contribute to a discussion instead of arguing. I like to pretend my readers are intelligent and thoughtful. Please live up to my unreasonable ideals.

3. All the usual no’s apply: racism, misogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc. In case Chris Christie is in the running, there will be no fat jokes. When we talk about Hilary Clinton, I don’t expect to hear about her hair or her pantsuits unless we’re having a similar discussion about the men. Get the idea? If in doubt, refer to rules 1 & 2.

4. My interpretation and application of these rules may be arbitrary and capricious. In general, errors of ignorance will usually get you a second chance, but malicious intent will bring down the banhammer with no warning. Some days, however, I just can’t even.

5. I’m not calling this a safe space because I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. I may not always be on top of moderation, and sometimes I have a bad day/week/month and neglect all my responsibilities. If you feel I’m letting the situation get out of hand, feel free to drop me a line.

6. At any time, I may get sick of dealing with crying squalling pissbabies and shut off comments entirely. Don’t make me turn this car around.