Too soon! Too soon!

First, I don’t want to hear that it’s too soon. The 2016 race began when the primaries ended in 2008, and it’s been in full swing since Romney cancelled his staffers’ credit cards on the way home from election night 2012. Besides, the Christmas stuff was in the stores even before Halloween this year. At least I waited for the midterms to be over.

Now, as to why I’ve gathered you here today: 2016 is coming. Once more we will be dragged through the muck of a presidential election. People are going to say and do profoundly ignorant things, sometimes competing for the honor of being the most backward of the bunch, and they will do it all as publicly as they can. Hordes of liberals will line up to support a warmed-over rhetoric of hope and change, knowing all the time that what their party will deliver is Wall Street, and they’ll love every minute of it. It can go a lot of ways, but it can’t end well.

I don’t plan to chase after breaking news or liveblog every development. If you want the 24-hour news cycle, you can find it anywhere. I plan to talk about what’s going on, as I’m moved to talk about it. If you’re inclined to talk back to me, we might have an intelligent conversation.

I expect this to be a grim task, so hoist the black flag and let the gallows humor fly.

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